Nat/Firewall | Just don't get it

  • Hi guys,

    this seems like something that should be realy easy but I just dont get it. Is there something that I'm missing. Trying to open up port 80 on pfsense and forward it to my apache proxy server. I only have a WAN network on my Pfsense. Still using my ISP router and setup the Pfsense as a DMZ host so all ports are forwarded to Pfsense. Pfsense tells me "all good" after adding the NAT rule + Firewall rule, however, mxtoolbox says port is closed.
    Also the proxy should not be the problem. I can use it internally ( using my own bind DNS, setup internal FQDN's, that works).

    Website not reachable. What am I missing.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    All looks fine. Local firewall or other ACLs on the target web server maybe?

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