Auto restart VPN tunnel if down

  • Hello,

    I need help creating a way for pfSense to test my client VPN tunnel and restart the connection if it is down.  I have the following, which i found in these forums, in a shell file which will restart the tunnel but does not check the status.

    echo "" | php -q

    I would like a shell file that I can schedule within cron.  Ideally it would run every 5 minutes and if the status of the VPN tunnel is up then it will do nothing, but if it is down it will restart.  I need this because my current internet provider drops my connection quite often and the VPN does not automatically reestablish.  But if I just run the code I have every 5 minutes it will disconnect my working connection and then reconnect.

    Any help would be appreciated and details on what any script is doing is appreciated also but not required.  I can google the details on lines of code if needed.  Thanks in advance.

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