Softflowd issue

  • Hi,

    I am playing with softflowd on my pfsense box. I would like to import NetFlow v5 to Nxfilter. I followed official article "Exporting NetFlow with softflowd" during installation and configuration.

    Looks like softflowd exports wrong data to netflow collector. I download a test file of 100MB and Nxfilter shows 2MB consumed…

    I have also tried softflowd with PRTG. The same strange results - wrong data shown.

    Is there some other important config step I miss? Are there people who get correct netflow results with softflowd?


  • Still no luck for me with softflowd so I finally gave up on it. I am playing with FlowTraq Exporter now (a free software flow exporter). I use it on a dedicated capture host and I wonder if I can install it right on my pfSense box. Any experience?

  • How's FlowTraq working for you? I stumbled onto it today and was considering having a go.

  • Hi luckman212. FlowTraq Exporter works fine for me. I still have no way to run it on pfSenese. So I still run it on dedicated Windows box. The results are quite accurate, 2-3% difference with controlled measurements.

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