Squid proxy basic setup for cache.

  • Hi, I'm a newbie struggling in the swamp! Got pfsense set up and running including local DNS cache and moved on to Squid. At the mo. I just want the local cache for web pages. When I enable squid proxy without transparent mode my browser can access HTTP and HTTPS. When I enable transparent mode I can only reach HTTPS sites and a Squid 'page blocked error' is returned. I checked and rechecked my Squid proxy server settings.

    I consoled to Squid.conf. When transparent mode is NOT selected there's not a lot in the file so I don't think anything is being cached?

    If I enable transparent mode I can see all my settings and I'm looking for the 'http allow all' in the script. Yes I see http_access allow allowed_subnets and local net. but then the last line commented as # Default block all to be sure has http_access deny allsrc.

    I haven't put anything in the ACL tables because it looked as though transparent mode would allow all to http port 80 without adding rules.

    I hope this makes sense?

    I'm still in the swamp and can't figure why access to http is being blocked in Squid transparent mode? I haven't added any additional firewall rules for squid proxy, are they needed? The error logs are consistent and show a blocked error for all http sites, but not https. Help.


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