OpenVPN to IPSec

  • Hi, sorry, if my question already exists, but i really didn´t find any solution.

    There is an IPSec-VPN between our office ( and our production-server-environment ( There is an OpenVPN-Service in our office for our home-workers, too, which will use range for the clients. Is it somehow possible, after connecting to via OpenVPN to access network, too? This worked with PPTP but we don´t use it any longer.
    Thx for answers


  • Hi,

    This should be very easy, I have a similar constellation.
    You only need another phase 2 entry on your IPsec tunnel (the site where your OpenVPN-Service is running) and another phase 2 entry on the other IPsec endpoint device (where your production-server-environment is running).
    If not configured, you also need another route in your OpenVPN server config (push "route SUBNETMASK").

    Nothing more should be required.


    Sorry, I forgot to mention you need to put the network as local subnet in your new phase 2 entry.

  • Hi,

    thx for your answer. Do i have to put in both new phase2 entries? And should these 2 entries look identically?

  • did you get tgis to work? im doing it slightly different. got A <ipsec>B <openvpn pki="">C and trying to access A from C. Added the P2 on A and B and pushed the routes on C and still can't get this to work. If you do let me know.

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