Attempting to allow users behind my firewall out

  • I'm having an issue allowing a user to ssh from behind the firewall out to a remote server… Can anyone give me pointers on what I need to do to make this work? I have attempted to allow pass rules to both the wan and the lan side but the user still has no luck..

    My setup is fairly standard. I have one nic (wan) with an external ip address, and another (nic) lan connected to the local network. Pf is offering dhcp, and nat service.

    Thanks for your time reading this!


  • Not sure if this makes a bit of difference but I do have the traffic shaper enabled…

  • The shaper shouldn't be the problem.

    Delete the ssh rule on WAN except you want to allow incoming ssh traffic ORIGINATING from the outside world.
    You need one rule on your LAN tab that allows the IP of that specific user to access from any port to ssh port on any machine. That should do.

  • Alright… I've attached a file of the rule I added to the lan. I'm attempting to get both a playstation and a user with SSH access to what they need. Here is my attached rule for the playstation. I'm having no luck with it. Do I need to change something in the nat to make this work?

  • Well, actually you missed the attachment…

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