Question: Moving from Cisco PIX to pfSense

  • Hi,

    I'm going to replace a Cisco PIX 515E firewall (3-interface) with pfSense (3-interface) and have a question relating to firewall rules in pfSense.

    The PIX right now has a few rules to allow/deny the IP protocol (not TCP, UDP, or ANY protocol). When I create rules under pfSense the only rules listed are (TCP, UDP, TCP/UDP, etc.) –there is no IP protocol.

    Is the TCP/UDP selection under pfSense equivalent to the IP protocol under the PIX or would I have to add seperate/additional rules to allow or deny tcp/udp, ICMP, routing protocols, etc.??

    I know the IP (layer 3) protocol is below TCP and UDP (layer 4) in the OSI layer stack and includes ICMP and routing protocols.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I think "any" is what you want.
    If you specify TCP or UDP you dont do much else than ignore packets which have a different protocol number in the bits 72-80 of the IP header.

    Yes, unless you use an "any" rule you have to specify a rule for each protocol.

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