Dnsbl is partial blocking ios games

  • I have multiple feeds setup as per the thread.

    My wife plays alot of IOS games and has to tap in some games to earn rewards.  These are getting blocked. I have tried to add these domains to the whitelist from the dnsbl alerts window but aren't having much luck.

  • Moderator

    Do you have TLD enabled? If so, the whole domain might be blocked, so you need to read the whitelist popup instructions to see why the IP was blocked in the first place. There is also an Icon Legend at the bottom of the page which will indicate the Whitelist Icon details.

    Did you clear the DNS cache after applying the whitelist?

    You can also set the DNS on a particular LAN device to use another DNS server (say, which will essentially bypass DNSBL until you have time to figure out what blocked domain is causing issues.

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