NUT Driver Selection

  • Hi,

    The selections from the GUI for NUT drivers is quite limited … is there a way to extend this, or to select a particular (other) driver? Wanting to run / test with dummy-ups.


  • The NUT package only supports "real" UPS types. There is no way to select the dummy driver.

    Out of curiosity, why do you want to run the dummy driver on pfSense? This driver would normally be used for NUT development.

  • Hi,

    The reason for the dummy driver - I'm actually using a laptop to run pfSense … works great, has a AES capable processor, and built in keyboard, screen - and a great UPS (a battery ... :)). I'm running a separate script to update the "device" file.

    It does work, I manually set the dummy ups driver. But it would be nice in the GUI.

    Make sense?


  • @arrmo:

    The reason for the dummy driver  …  I'm running a separate script to update the "device" file.

    Sorry for being dense, but I still don't understand. What is actually being monitored by NUT? What shutdown action are you taking and what is the trigger?

    If you are trying to shutdown or suspend pfSense when the laptop battery goes low, I would think that there are better approaches than NUT. FreeBSD has direct power management support.

  • No worries!

    Using NUT as I also monitor it remotely, and several other UPS's as well - all using NUT. So it's easier overall, more consistent. Also, it works with the built in widget and NUT support in pfSense.

    It's not a big deal, just a thought.


  • OK, got it all working on my side … script updates my "device" file, dummy-ups reads it, all is good => except one thing, of course ...  :(

    It seems that pfSense keeps overriding my manual driver change (ups.conf), so on upgrade (and perhaps reboot) my settings are lost. Is there a way to avoid this?


  • I'll see about adding support for dummy when I next rev the package. Can you post the ups.conf that you are using please? Thanks.

  • Actually, it would be helpful to see your entire NUT config. You can PM me if you prefer. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    All I have changed is /usr/local/etc/nut/ups.conf. It's below (it's not very exciting … LOL),


    The driver is dummy-ups, and port is just the file name it points to.


  • FYI, this seems to be somewhat changed … is that correct? It's not getting overwritten on reboot / upgrade (yay!), but does happen some other times.

    Should I add this to redmine, just so it's captured?


  • Hi,

    OK, my mistake - another issue blocked me seeing this. It's still the same … ;).

    Is there a file I can edit to store my desired ups.conf file? Asking because restarting some other services (like OpenVPN), resets the ups.conf file => I have to go in and edit it every time ... :(.


  • Not currently. I'll be working on a package rev next weekend.

  • Awesome - thanks so much! Just yell if I can do anything at all to help out!

  • If you want to help test the changes, PM me an email address and I will send you the files for testing.


  • The nut package with dummy has been released.

  • Thanks!!! Do you know what pfSense release this is bundled in?

  • The current NUT package should be available for 2.3 and later. Let me know if you don't see it in your available packages.

  • Ahh - gotcha … so not a pfSense update per se, rather just update the (nut) package - correct? And yes, I see 2.7.4_4 now ... is that the correct one?

    BTW, do I need to undo the patches I tested out, or will this overwrite them (blow them away)? That would be easiest of course ... ;-).

    Thanks again for all the help.

  • The new release is version 2.7.4_5. It will overwrite the files I sent you.

  • Perfect - thanks!

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