Wake on Lan issue

  • Recently I tried booting my computer from afar and noticed my computer didn't start up but it did in the past(before upgrading to 2.4). However I can boot it up when connected to my wifi network using the Kodi remote app on my phone. Meanwhile if I VPN or login on my local network and send a magic packet via pfSense GUI no packet is sent to my computer. Is anyone else noticing this issue on the latest version of the beta?

  • Made a little patch: https://github.com/pfsense/pfsense/pull/3756 , it might fix the issue depending on what button you where using..

  • Thanks for your reply. Checked it out today and noticed that if I click on the MAC address the packet isn't sent, but if I click on the button it works. I believe it doesn't send the first one when you click on the Dashboard widget it doesn't send it. I believe if you click on the MAC address again it'll send it but. When the issue does happen the "Sent magic packet to xxxxxxxxxxxx" isn't shown.

  • Added widget button to my pullrequest. Any other buttons i missed?  ;)

  • If you have the power button on the widget dashboard screen and the mac address on the wake on lan its service page, we should be patched/good to go. Appreciate you working on a patch for this! I'll keep checking during updates if I have this issue arise again.

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