Squid blocking mobile app

  • I have just implemented squid into my network, with lightsquid, and ClamAV enabled through squid.

    Everything seems to be working, except for one CRITICAL application on my iPhone =)  When I am on the network with iPhone, and login to ESPN Fantasy Sports app, and try to view one of my football teams, I get an error that the team could not be loaded.  If I turn off squid, it works fine.  Turn squid back on, doesn't work.

    Now, I could really live without this and just use cellular data on my phone when I want to do this, but I thought this would be a great learning exercise for me to 1. determine the cause of the block, and 2. how to whitelist/exception it so it can go through.

    Being newer to pfsense, and squid, can someone get me pointed in the right direction to see in a log what is blocking this app, and how to remediate/allow?

    Thank you!

  • Banned

  • I am not using SSL intercepting / filtering at this time.  I wanted to get a better sense of the software before diving into that.

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