Mobile Carriers

  • So I have been looking at different offering for mobile hotspot SIM as a backup connection.  Some of my customers only have a T1 option and no DSL or cable.  This would be great for those users.  I know T1 is pretty reliable but some places because the wire is so old and crosses federal land they cannot run new lines and during the winter the T1 turns to crap somedays due to wet copper…...

    Any other recommendations?

    Ting  Is pretty interesting.  You pay only $6 per sim and then a scaling data rate:

    No usage  $0
    100MB      $3
    500MB      $10
    1GB          $16
    2GB          $20
    more?      $10/GB

    Can get both GSM and CDMA from one carrier so only 1 bill.  Pay for what you use only.

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