2230 M.2 Wifi Card Support???

  • So I posted a similar topic asking about support for 2230 M.2 Wireless AC cards…was told that FreeBSD does not support the AC standard YET.

    So I have reposted with a more up to date post (my how time seems to drag these days....hmm...TA anyone?)

    At any rate, we all have the new H110 setup and we are just dying to be the biggest nerd for our DN hackerorc enemies.

    So I am about to go through the long list of supported Atheros chips and try to find one that is 2230 and begin the test process.

    If anyone could shorten this for me, that would be great...and I'm gonna have to ask that you come in on Sunday too...yaaaaa...thanks <sips coffee="">UPDATE  KNOWN WORKING 2230 card in 2.3.4 BETA: Qualcomm Atheros NFA222 post here: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=121867.msg673363#msg673363

    But until then, we are still in 2.3.3 land.



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