Need help with configering squid and squidguard in 2.4

  • i have installed squid and squidguard and also applied black list but it seem it doesnt work can any one help me out with the steps just to confirm that i am not doing any thing wrong i have selected to block porn but its not working
    but if i add the proxy manualy to browser it works is it possible to add the proxy automatically

  • Are you using "HTTPS/SSL Interception"? if not from my understanding squid/squidguard can't block most (in your example porn sites) due to those sites transitioning to https since the whole ISP can now collect and sell your browsing data; that happened not too long ago. Are you having trouble with any other category, or sites? How do you currently have it set up?

  • no im not using  "HTTPS/SSL Interception"

  • Maybe you want to take a look ad wpad configuration of the dns&dhcp server. Together with a little wpad.dat wpad.da proxy.pac file served up. It should allow for automatic proxy configuration. If its enabled in the browser..

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