Ntopng, Allow Custom Input

  • Hi,

    Just like some other packages, it would be nice to be able to append some information to the ntopng start command - for example, to allow MySQL storage (it works, tested it). This would mean allowing the following to be appended,

    -F "mysql;host;dbname;flows;user;password"


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would be a really bad idea for the example you gave. Putting passwords on the command line, especially for a daemon, is a bad idea.

    Better would be a field that gets dumped into a file, and then have that filename passed to ntopng which it will read and interpret the contents as if command line parameters were given.

  • Agreed! It was just an example …  ;).

    But I do agree, an external file would be a better option. Just trying to find a way to be able to get the data to MySQL.


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