How to access pfSense by the real machine?

  • Hey guys!

    I'm studying pfSense (I'm actually going to start the pfSense studies of some YT videos but I'm stuck in configuration …).

    I have VirtualBox installed on my notebook and I installed pfSense 2.3.4 on the virtual machine.

    I configured it as follows (from videos I saw on YouTube). I got access in one way, and it's not the way I want it. I installed to be able to study, to test at home with my internet and such, with virtual machines, etc.

    The first setup I did:

    1. This setting was made for VMWare, from a video I saw on youtube. But I tested it in VirtualBox, but it did not work ...
    Adapter 1: Host-only network adapter

    2. This is another setting for another video, it also did not work:
    Adapter 1: NAT

    Adapter 2: Internal network.

    3. This is another setup and was the only one that worked:

    Adapter 1: Brigde mode plate: Wirelles adapter

    Adapter 2: Brigde mode card: Ethernet adapter

    Here comes my doubt.

    In configuration 2, I can only access pfSense on the internal network between the virtual machines ...
    In configuration 3, I can only access pfSense by my real machine if I connect the network cable in my note ....

    However, I want to access the pfSense admin panel by the actual machine, but without having to connect the cable, because I need to get around with the notebook ... And even if I do the cable configuration, if I disconnect it does not work.

    I wanted your help.


    PS: I also did adapter 1 in NAT mode and adapter 2 in Host-only mode and also did not work ...

    I also put it like this:

    4. Adapter 1 - mode brigde - my wireless note card
    Adapter 2 - host-only

    Did not work too

    I can ping my real machine but I can not access the panel ..

  • You can't if you aren't directly connected to the LAN-side with no NAT. VirtualBox ruins most of that all the time.

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