Help Connecting two interfaces together

  • Hi guys

    My names Scott, and im currently trying to build a home testing lab to upskill myself in cyber security. I am running a pfSense Gateway VM, which is up and running, and im trying to connect it to a Kali linux VM so that my Linux VM gets outside connectivity through pfSense.

    This is my current checklist, and i'm not sure where i'm going wrong.

    pfsense CAN:
    Connect to my gateway router (
    Has set up a rule to assign my Kali Mac address a static ip
    The above rule is working, within kali i can see the ip assigned to it

    Kali CANNOT

    Kali is set up on OPT1, my gateway is on WAN
    My issue then would then be, how do i make pfSense allow a connection from OPT1 out to WAN

    Any help would be great


  • By default, OPT1 has no rules.  You must add at least one rule to allow access out from OPT1.  LAN has this rule by default, called the Default allow LAN to any rule at the bottom of the rules.  Add a similar one to OPT1.

  • Hey mate

    Massive thank you! I created the same rule for OPT1 and my kali box now sees both pfsense and the outside world!

    Thanks again


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