Wireless for WAN connection. card deteted but can't join network

  • I have a laptop I'm trying to use for a temporary project. The built-in card isn't detected by pfsense so I've got a little dongle connected and that is recognized.

    I need to join an existing WPA2-PSK network but it doesn't seem to be working. The WAN is set to the wireless card, DHCP is enabled. The wireless mode is set to Infrastructure (BSS). I'm not sure where to look/check to see why this isn't working.

    Do I have the right settings to make pfsense act as a wireless client?

    The dashboard just shows a red x with no carrier when I hover the mouse over it.

    In the system logs I see:
    dpinger WAN_DHCP sendto error: 65

    So it seems like i'm partially getting something to work (I can only assume the is coming from the wireless side since I'm not using 10.x on my lan side.

    Can anyone give me some hints/ideas on what I can do to get this working?

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