Paid PFSense Support Options

  • I'm a long time user of pfSense at non-profit and for-profit companies.  I've purchased all the pfSense support options over the years, including way back at the beginning, calling Chris Buechler's cell phone in the very early days of paid support.  So I was disappointed at the new pricing structure announced by NetGate.  They basically dropped per incident support in favor of an on-going rate.  The net effect is that my yearly support spend has gone through the roof.

    Is there a credible paid alternative to the NetGate support for pfSense hardware?

    PS. I don't understand why they would raise their prices so dramatically.  To highlight the relatively high price for support, consider a SG-1000 which retails for $149.00 from which 1 year support costs $588.  Want Enterprise Plus?  That would run you $2,988.

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