Stange dl/up speed in vmware

  • I am using pfsense for a while in a WRAP, but my board do not work anymore. Now I am running pfsense under VMware in Win XP.
    Everything seems to be fine expect the up/down speed. I have a 8M/512K ADSL line, but the pfsense only see ~1.5Mb under full load.
    The download speed in a local machine is 700-750Kbyte/s, so the line is working properly. Same time the pfsense Traffic Graph said it's only 1,4 Mbit/s. RRD Graph and the Queues said the same number.

    Any idea why the pfsense in vmware do not see the total bandwidth? In this case the Traffic Shaper do not work as well.

    My Config
    WinXP SP3
    VMware 6.5
    LAN: Integrated GB card (bridged in VMWare)
    WAN: PCI D-Link 100Mb card  (bridged in VMWare)
    pfsense 1.2

  • Do Not use VMware 6.5, v6.0 working fine…..

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