PfBlocker not blocking IP Range in Top 20 IP List

  • So,
    We are running PfSense 2.3.2 Release-p1 (AMD64)
    We are running PfBlockerNG 2.1.1_4

    One of our SNORT logs shows that a user tried to contact an IP in Ukraine (we reside in the US):
    /var/log/snort/snort_vmx051006/alert.1498064056:06/21/17-11:21:01.490440 ,1,2404627,4660,"ET CNC Ransomware Tracker Reported CnC Server UDP group 114",UDP,OUR_IP_ADDRESS,3120,,15129,28386,A Network Trojan was Detected,1,
    So the IP in question is:

    I have Ukraine as a blocked country in PfBlockerNG (picked on the Top 20 list). PfBlockerNG >> GeoIP >> Top 20 >> Ukraine
    The country list shows that IP range being blocked:
    cd /var/db/aliastables
    cat pfB_Top_v4.txt | grep 46.174 | more

    Our PfBlockerNG General Settings for Interface/Rules Config is:
    Inbound Firewall Rules >> Block (all WAN interfaces)
    Outbound Firewall Rules >> Reject (all WAN Interfaces)

    Why did PfBlockerNG not block that IP? Its surely within the range shown as blocked in the Top 20 list. Am I missing something?
    Based on the settings, and the IP List shown in PfBlocker IP List from Top 20, it should have blocked it.

  • Moderator

    Did you configure "Deny InBound" or "Deny Outbound"?  To block that you would have to have rules on your Outbound interfaces…

    Also just a comment that you don't need to cat -> grep...    Just   ```
    grep "^46.174." *.txt

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