Suricata inline mode breaking barnyard2

  • Howdy, I was experimenting with inline blocking mode and somehow this has managed to break the integration with barnyard2. Now barnyard2 refuses to start with the following error:

    FATAL ERROR: [ParseSidMapLine()], File [/usr/local/etc/suricata/suricata_47561_igb0/], Error in map definition [1 || 1000001 ||  || NOCLASS || 0 || Pass List Entry - allow all traffic from/to] for value []

    This does not occur on other interfaces with barnyard2 turned on and seems to be isolated to the WAN interface.

    Any ideas on further troubleshooting or remediation steps? Thanks!

  • So I made some progress on this; the issue is that suricata is not properly generating the passlist rules for (it's omitting a 'rev' column) which I think is what is tripping up barnyard2.

    I was able to disable/enable blocking to get the passlist entries no longer added to the .map file, but it seems like they get put back in if I switch over to inline.

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