Browsing to tunnel host IP brings you to the pfSense interface

  • I set up a peer-to-peer shared-key connection and it's working great.  I set my Tunnel network to and my pfSense appliance on the client side to  When I navigate from the server side network to, I am greeted with the pfSense login which I would expect (currently I have it in HTTP mode).  When I navigate to, I am again greeted by the pfSense login, but it has forwarded me to  When I try and login I am presented with the following error:

    An HTTP_REFERRER was detected other than what is defined in System ->
    Advanced (  If not needed, this check can be disabled in System -
    > Advanced -> Admin.

    When I navigate to, I am also presented with the login, but this time it's the HTTP login.  Upon trying to login, I am again presented with the error above (except it says

    Now, I'm not saying I want or to work as it is not the address that I configured the pfSense appliance to - I'm just curious why it's even presenting the pfSense login in the first place.

    Btw, navigating from the client side to or does nothing.


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