Remote Access to lan via Open vpn client

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    I have double nat problem. So I did not get public ip in wan site. Few days ago I setup OpenVpn client. Is this possible to access or get lan ip from my pfsense server via Openvpn client? I need it for my remote voip client.
    Pfsense version 2.3.4-RELEASE (i386)

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  • Disclaimer - I am really new at pfSense, and I am not sure I fully understand your issues, but I have been running double NAT for years to serve up Plex from behind my second router/firewall.  One of the challenges I had when I set up OpenVPN client to PIA was that I couldn't connect to my Plex server from outside my network.  This post does a nice job of explaining how to get an external service ( to recognize your actual home IP address:

    If your challenge is locating your hope IP address from outside your home network, you could install a DYNDNS updater on a pc, then configure pfSense to send DYNDNS updates out the clear internet like the above post did for Plex.  Set-up the usual port forwarding rules for a double NAT set-up, i.e. all ports on the outside router go to the LAN port of the inside router, and then on the inside router, configure port forwarding to go to the servers you want on your second LAN.

    In this way, your outbound traffic is going out the VPN gateway (except for select destinations), but the inbound traffic can still find your network via DYNDNS, and port forwarding handles the rest.

    I hope it gives you some ideas…

  • Hi
    Sorry for late.
    In pfsense I did not get public ip at wan interface cause of my ISP. So i can not remote access to my from Internet.

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