User intermittent connectivity Issues

  • Hey all,

    I am having an issue with some users who seem to be experiencing intermittent connection issues. Our OpenVPN is running on a pfSense appliance, using TCP/443 just for a little bit of background info.

    The biggest thing I am seeing is users having their connection reset multiple times within a short period of initial connection. Here are some of the things I'm seeing from one instance:

    Connection reset, restarting [-1]   

    Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart), restarting

    The inactivity timeout shouldn't be happening after two or three minutes, but it's just one of the consistent things that shows up in the logs. Funny thing is, this user had issues for about 5 minutes, then randomly when prompted to re-authenticate it "stuck" for the next 3 hours of work and he had no issues. Another user worked the last two mornings remotely with zero issues, but this morning could not get a connection to stick with similar errors and one new one:

    write TCPv4_SERVER: Broken pipe (code=32)
    Connection reset, restarting [-1]

    He also experienced the Inactivity timeout error as well. I almost wish this was a consistent thing so I could find something obviously wrong, but it's not. Can anyone point me in a general direction of what could be causing such intermittent issues with the above errors in the OpenVPN log? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated, just trying to help some frustrated users.

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