WebGUI autolog off don't work.

  • I am not sure if it's a bug or my mistake, but I set in System/User Manager/Settings the Session time to 1 Min.

    My understanding was this is the option to set so after 1 min (in my case) your login to the webGUI will auto log you off. Well that don't work. I will stay logged in to pf-sense forever despite any setting I put there ?!?!?!?!!?

    P.S. After some testing I notice that you may get it to work if you are somewhere in the pf-sense menus, but if you leave on the home page (dashboard) it will stay logged-in indefinitely.

  • The dashboard is doing AJAX calls every 10 seconds or so to update widgets. So I guess that counts as user activity and keeps things alive.
    What is the "modern" way to know if there has been no "real" user interaction for a time?

  • I guess that's what is happening.

    It is good to know then that if you leave your pfsense GUI on the home page it will not log you out after automatically.

    Since this could be a security problem I hope it will log you out when page was closed completely without glitch.

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