Problem getting transparent firewall running

  • Hello,

    I hope that someone can point me to the mistake I'm obviously making ;)

    I set up a transparent pfsense filtering firewall with 3 ports. One LAN port - with a private IP only for administration, one WAN port that is directly connected to a router, and an OPT1 port on a switch that is bridged to WAN. I used the available documentation on how to do that.

    I configured a WinXP client using a fixed IP out of the routers LAN subnet, with the router's LAN IP set as the default gateway. From the pfsense I can ping both the LAN IP of the router and the LAN IP of the WinXP box.

    To test if it switches the packets from the XP Box to the routers LAN IP I configured "allow any-all" rules on both the WAN and OPT1 interface.

    Problem is that no packets flow through. I tried both 1.2 and the latest snapshot.

    I gladly provide more details if needed, my setup is besides the IP addresses identical to the documentation here:

    Thanks for any input,

  • I fixed it. Problem was that the promiscous mode was disabled on the switch.


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