Remote Address

  • Buongiorno a tutti,
    I have setup the VPN server for my connection and everything is work when I try to launch it from my LAN because the REMOTE in the cert is (The LAN addr of pfSense of course) if I try to use it from outside this obviously not work. I have setup a DDNS with following the official super easy guide and it seems is work!

    If i go to the client export section of OpenVPN I see "Host Name Resolution" inside that drop down list I see:

    • Interface IP address
    • Multi-WAN DDNS Hostname
    • Multi-WAN IPs
    • Installation Hostname
    • Other

    I have tried with all voice but it don't work.
    If I try to change manually the remote is not work too, I think that I miss a NAT rules too.

    Someone can help me? :)

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