Feature Request: why is 'x' blocked?

  • I've been having a 'fun' time with pfBlockerNG of late.  Some of the sites I have white listed are being DNS blocked (intermittently, just to keep me on my toes) and the pfblocker alerts tab shows the site was blocked but no information as to why (but shows the option to remove it from in the whitelist, so it knows that it is whitelisted.)

    On drilling into it further it seems like the dns entry is a CNAME chain to a domain which is blocked (but pfBlockerNG is not showing an alert for that domain.)  I am assuming that the alerts come from the web server so only shows the requested domain, but it would be handy to have a way to dig into the whole DNS lookup chain to identify false positives - I may be able to contribute some code if it's something you/other people are interested in?

    ps. Keep up the great work!