Hyperv 2012 R2 VLan Trunk working?

  • Latest pf 2.3.4 installed on hyperv 2012 r2.
    Cant seem to get tagging to pass to the vswitch.

    I have ran the commands to change the vswitch to a trunk port and added my vlans
    Hyperv shows the proper vlans assigned to the vswitch.
    phy Switch looks fine and set as a trunk and tagging.

    Just want to make there is not a problem i am not seeing with pf before i rip this apart more.


  • I am running 2.3.4 installed on a Hyper-V guest under Windows 8.1 and have VLAN trunking working.

    What native VLAN id did you specify? I had trouble with anything other than 0, as Windows strips the VLAN tag off traffic matching the native VLAN id before serving it to the VM.

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