Open VPN on seperate subnet

  • Hi, hope somebody can help me, I'm still quite a newby to the whole PFsense thing…..

    I'm trying to setup an OpenVPN client on a specific subnet

    So i currently have PFsense running on an ESXI server that has some virtual subnets on the virtual switches, my main subnet is

    What im trying to achieve is anything connected to the subnet of to be pushed through the VPN instead of my WAN, i have the Subnet setup to another interface on ESXI and can get internet connection through the WAN fine but i cannot work out how to setup the VPN so it only allows the clients to pass through it.

    I can manage to get PFSense to allow all the traffic from any subnet through the VPN without any issues, I've tried to setup some rules on the firewall and on the outbound NAT..

    I have setup my VPN according to this tutorial

    Can anybody point me in the right direction?


  • I'm no expert either but I do have a similar setup, a single PC routed over my VPN with all other traffic going over the WAN.

    I don't see why you couldn't do the same but just specify a /24 instead of single host.

    Firewall / Rules / LAN
    Create new Rule
    Action: Pass
    Source: Set your network
    Advanced Options -
    Gateway: Select your VPN

    Move the new rule above the "Default allow LAN to any" rule. Click "Save" then "Apply" and restart your VPN service.

    If this is off track please give some more details.


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