Weird short term freezes in overwatch.

  • I have a tenant in my condo, where I currently run the network, playing overwatch on grandmaster level, and he gets these weird short term mobility losses: his own character may keep moving but all the other participants freeze, or everything freezes including his own character. These outages usually last a few seconds, enough to lose the match, but no more.

    What would you expect the be, and what could be done in pfSense to combat this type of outage?

  • Run a speedtest on dslreports's site and tell me what the bufferbloat results are.

  • not the original poster with the same problem but i have between 10-25ms when dlling and between 200 and 500ms when uploading, C rating.

    after following

    900 900

    850 850

  • Does your WAN's quality graph show anything odd? Have you ran pings to a known good few services and seen if the pings jump  up during this time?

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