Multiple WAN OpenVPN with Cisco security appliance

  • Hi

    Configuration - Site A
    Site A has 2 WAN providers connected to Cisco MX100 security appliance on port 1 and 2 respectively.
    MX100 and PFsense connected to Switch.
    Server OpenVPN configuration

    1. ISP1 & ISP2 – Cisco MX100 security appliance -- MS350 Switch -- PFsense ----- Site to Site Open VPN ---- Remote Pfsense --- Remote network

    Question - Is this a valid configuration - Client OpenVPN request from remote pfsense can enter Site A ISP1 and response can go out on ISP2.  This causes the client to terminate the tunnel as the response is not coming from ISP1.  I think this configuration is causing our tunnel instability.

    How to fix this?

    Thank You

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