OpenVPN + Resilio Sync… iOS clients can't direct connect to LAN peers

  • Attached are a batch of screenshots I took from my phone using a network utility app while connected to the OpenVPN server running under pfSense 2.3.4 I have set up on my network.

    Link in case the photos don't attach:

    Everything in these screenshots points to the fact that the phone can see/ping one of my LAN peers running Sync on port 33545 (, it can even make a direct connection on the Sync listening port, 33545… green lights across the board... but when I open the Sync app on the iOS device with a connected Sync folder I set up on Wi-Fi on the LAN with all default options except "Use relay server", none of the 8+ LAN clients on the subnet will connect to the phone. Is there something specific to OpenVPN settings I'm missing that will allow the LAN clients speak to the VPN clients without having to go through their relay servers?


    Notable OpenVPN settings:

    • Client-to-client: enabled
    • The subnet is being pushed to the VPN clients as a route
    • The DNS on the VPN is set to (which uses the pfSEnse DNS Resolver... can use the local DNS names to get to things, etc.)
    • All traffic is being routed through the VPN

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