Empty voucherrolls after restore via fullbackup vmware

  • Hi Guys,

    i got PFSense installed at VMWare with several Voucherrolls active. Yesterday i tried to update PFSense from 2.3.1 to latest via Webif. That went wrong due to no reboot anymore. We have fullbackups via TSM for VMWare. So i restored the fullbackup from the night before. Now all my voucherrolls are empty. They are shown in webconfigurator, but csv is empty. any ideas to get them back?
    it would be very hard, if i cant restore. they are at the different departments in use for visitormanagement :(

  • Even generating a new roll leaves trhe CSV empty. I'm really in trouble with that. Anyone any idea?

    I got voucher_gaeste_active and voucher_gaeste_used for each roll in /var/db. but where are the unused vouchers saved?

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