OpenVPN client export not working in version 2.3.4-RELEASE

  • I am running pfsense since 1 year now and occasionally updated pfsense.
    With all previous version I was able to use the openvpn-client-export and download a complete and woking installer file, which is about 3,5MB large
    Today I updated to version 2.3.4-RELEASE and added 2 new users and used openvpn-client-export as before.
    No matter which option I choose, it only downloads very small files - around 5kB small.
    The package format and name is still correct - e.g. the windows installer, which gets downloaded is named openvpn-pfSense-udp-1194-name-install-2.4.3-I601.exe, but the executable is not intact. Windows complains for not existing files.
    When I looked into the exe - I believe it is a self-extracting zip - I see, that only the config folder is populated with ovpn and key file.
    But in the new installer compared to an old installer file these 2 files "openvpn-install.exe" and "openvpn-postinstall.exe" are missing.

    Did anything happen in this new pfsense release what this behaviour explains or is this a bug?
    Can anyone tell me how to pack this installer manually? Or how is the default way of installing OpenVPN on windows and manually adding configuration and key files.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Remove the OpenVPN Client Export package and reinstall it. That should get you where you need to be.

  • Thanks, works now!

  • I had the same issue on 2.4.2 version
    Users where able to connect to client but could not access anything on lan
    When downloading new Windows Installer it is only 5KB large and it did not work on PC's
    Uninstalling and installing back openvpn-client-export package resolved the problem