Pfsense openvpn client, manual control and logon info

  • I work for an company that uses openvpn for remote access. Normally one would just connect from the device your working from via an openvpn client and work but I want to move the connection from the device to the router as I use multiple devices and bringing up connections and restarting them as one device sleeps while working on another is irritating.

    I wish to setup the client on the router to bring the connection up when i l do so and prompt me for auth credentials, then let me shut it down when I'm done. I don't want a full time permanent connection to the office vpn server. Auth is username and rsa pin/token. No certificate based auth.

    pfsense can do this? perhaps through an ssh session if not via the www interface? can the connection be set to disabled so it doesn't try to bring it back up when not in use?

    I know, it seems odd… but it would ease my life considerably.


    Steve D.

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