• I have my network set up with 3 interfaces (WAN, LAN, DMZ), with the intention of putting all of my servers and storage arrays on the DMZ. I currently have 2 servers running ESXI on the DMZ as well as a EMC 3100 Storage Array. I am able to connect to the EMC management IP without issue from LAN ( -> but when trying to connect to the VMWare Client I dont get anything ( -> 0r

    I have tried opening both the LAN and DMZ up completely to each other with firewall rules allowing all ports on LAN NET and DMZ NET and vise versa. I have also tired several other ways, allowing it only to the specific IP address as well as using DHCP instead of static but no luck. I can however connect to them from within the DMZ.

    Network Information:

    Device: Firebox XTM5

    LAN: - (several static) – Subnet Mask

    DMZ: - (All Static) -- Subnet Mask

    This is not how the final product will be setup but am needing it in this configuration to test the environment.

  • Did you provide a gateway address in network configuration of ESXi server?

  • From a device on the LAN interface, are you able to ping the vhost or vcenter on the DMZ? are you able to access http connection them? (it should display a page for downloading the client if it is working properly). If not, then there must be a rule related issue between the subnets.

    How is your DMZ configured? Did you create an offical DMZ with PFSense or simply a secondary subnet\interface? Have you tried moving everything off the DMZ onto a secondary interface as a test?

    I would start looking at it on a more global level first then work your way down to vmware specific afterwards.