OpenVPN Server takes out Internet connectivity

  • Have a strange problem that has come up and I don't know enough about this pfSense to understand what is going on or where to look to find the problem.

    I have setup an OpenVPN server on my pfSense box and have followed various online tutorials to the letter. It all seems setup as it should. The client devices I have setup for it can connect to it, but it's not routing any internet connection into it. Then I observe that the LAN access to the internet/WAN goes off line. My ethernet hardwired network computers report they lost internet access as well. Occasionally it blinks back on but every site I try and go to times out. Nothing works. As soon as I disable the OpenVPN and save it, my internet access for all local clients get internet access back.

    Any idea what is going on? Where can I look to find out what is happening? Thank you.

  • Check you routing on the Server side.  The server is most likely changing your default route for its traffic to push to the clients, instead of out to the internet.

  • Will do, thank you. I think I know what I am looking for.

    Can you give me an idea of what diagnostic to use to see what is happening or where that routing issue might be corrected? I'm not a newbie but I'm no where near a power user yet. Thanks.

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