How to install pfSense on VM of SoftLayer

  • I'm testing pfSense on Public Cloud service that SoftLayer.
    I succeeded to install it on baremetal server of SoftLayer.
    However, I couldn't install it on VSI.

    I tried follow steps.
      1. Upload pfSense ISO File to Object Storage of SoftLayer
      2. Import image from Object Storage to my account
      3. Create Linux VM
      4. Boot from pfSense ISO Image from Linux VM
      5. I succeeded install pfSense.
      6. After finish install, I umount ISO Image.
      7. After umount, Server goes to hang.
          SoftLayer ticket said that "The VSI's boot disk contains an UN-mountable filesystem that is not supported by our xen servers."

    Does anyone try or success to install pfSense of VSI of SoftLayer?

    Thank you.

  • @saejan7:

    **  3. Create Linux VM**

    Maybe this.  pfSense is not Linux.

  • Hello,
    Did you had success install on Softlayer/Bluemix env?

    best regards,