Users are not getting stored in the MySQL of freeradius3\. Please Help

  • Hi, I am using pFsense 2.3.4 and have configured it with MySQL and Freeradius3. Did all the steps properly to do the setup. Enabled the SQL also from the captive portal. Tested using command line too. However, i want the Users to be stored in the MySql database when they are created from the Captive portal. They are not getting inserted into the database. Now I am left clueless. Please help.

  • @unknown0492:

    ….... Now I am left clueless. Please help.

    With that two lines of explanation, we are even more then clueless …
    The captive portals works as it is.
    Of course, it is possible to extend the possibilities, there are actually no limits.
    BUT :
    Extending means : YOU should know what you are doing.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You have to manage the contents of the MySQL database yourself. Neither the package nor pfSense will do that for you.

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