OpenVPN killswitch, problem with pfctl

  • Hello!

    I created simple killswitch for openvpn: when client is connected it allow internet connection for LAN users, when client is disconnected access is denied.
    I got a strange problem with state killing. When script work from openvpn it can't kill all states, so some LAN connection that active still work when VPN client is disconnected.

    How it works:
    In OpenVPN server Custom options:
    script-security 3 system;
    client-connect /usr/local/sbin/;
    client-disconnect /usr/local/sbin/;

    /usr/local/bin/easyrule unblock lan
    /sbin/pfctl -k

    /usr/local/bin/easyrule block lan
    /sbin/pfctl -k
    /sbin/pfctl -k

    It work as needed, but pfctl command is works really strange from openvpn. When I run up/down scripts from console it kill all states without any problem. When VPN client is disconnected some states remains intact (I know that: pfctl command is executed, because I got disconnected from SSH, but ping on test machine is going without interruptions).

    What I'm missing here? :)

  • What I use as a kill switch is a firewall rule that blocks all traffic on the WAN interface.

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