Best method to populate pfSense MAC to IP table without using it as a router.

  • I'm trying to use it as a captive portal for multiple VLANs/sites, so the traffic does not actually flow through the pfSense box.

    I'd like to be able to use the MAC address authorization (to automatically allow certain MACs without authentication), but since the traffic is on a separate VLAN the MAC addresses are unknown.

    I've got a central router (Extreme summit switch), which the traffic will pass through, so it does have the MAC address to IP mapping I need.

    What's the best way to accomplish this?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't. In order to use a pfSense firewall as a Captive Portal, the traffic has to flow through it. Otherwise it has no way to allow/deny the traffic.

    If it's not on the same L2, you can get by with disabling MAC filtering and the portal can work by IP address alone, but it's not as secure.

    I would completely rethink the design of whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.

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