Attempting to route my traffic through OpenVPN

  • Hi,

    I have a small Netgate SG-1000 box with an embedded pfSense (ARM processor) and i'm trying to mount an OpenVPN client to an OpenVPN server running on a pfSense virtual appliance in a distant datacenter. My VPN is mounting just fine and i'm even able to ping things on the other side and basiclally make traffic pass through.

    My problem though is that i'm trying to route my WHOLE traffic through the VPN tunnel. It works but only for 5 minutes or so after a reboot of my Netgate box, afterwards the firewall just seems to block any traffic for no apparent reason.

    Yes the VPN tunnel is up, Yes the NAT Outbound rules are allowing everything to pass through, Yes the firewall rules are open as well, Yes the OpenVPN interface is assigned and the OpenVPN gateway is working too. My LAN rule is using the OPT1 gateway and like I said, it works for a couple of minutes but shortly after, everything is blocked.

    I don't have any clues anymore on what is blocking it since the logs just show a default deny rules which I don't even have in my rules and even if I allow them with easy firewall, it won't work.

    Thanks for your help and have a great day!

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