OpenVPN only allowing traffic on first connection

  • Hi

    We have OpenVPN setup with two users. The first user has been happily working for 1 year+ Second user is added (and has previously worked). The OpenVPN is established and we can see it in the OpenVPN status and the routing is correct. However traffic is being received but not returned. This happens when the first user is logged in and gets allocated

    If the first users logs off the VPN and the second user logs back in and gets allocated they get traffic in both directions, but the first user can connect but no traffic.

    We thought this was to do with the concurrent connections setting but it was 10 and I've set it to 100 now and it makes no difference.

    There are no firewall rules set for either.

    Any suggestions?


  • Are the users sharing the users certificate?
    Each user should have a unique cert. If you want them to share the cert check "Duplicate Connection" in the server settings.