Pfsense 2.4 reboot issue and ping issue

  • Dear all,

    1. In pfsense 2.4 while i reboot from commands or from web GUI. It reboot 0 1 2 3
    and uptime XXXhours and miutes and its hang in the same screen. Please kindly help me to resolve.

    2. i cant able to ping my pfsense static ip address outside my network.



  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Did you create a wan rule that allows ICMP?  ie ping.. Out of the box no your not going to be able to ping your wan IP since nothing is allowed out of the box inbound.

  • I have the same reboot issue. However, what works for me is the command:

    shutdown -r now

    This will at the end show some ACPI Errors, but at least it does reboot the box.

    Unless "reboot" command get fixed, maybe make a function to use the alternative "shutdown" reboot?

    I tried to fiddle with ACPI and power settings in BIOS, but nothing helped. - Newest BIOS is there as well. Halt/Shutdown does work as intended.

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