Openvpn server - client to ipsec routing issue

  • hi

    i have three sites

    i have functioning OPENVPN server /client(SSL) between A and B i can ping in both directions
    I also have a working IPSEC site to site between B and C, where i can ping both sides as well.

    Now i'd like to be able to access clients on site C through from VPN client A through VPN server B.
    i did add local network C to OPENVPN SERVER B

    i also read to add P2 between B<->C for openvpn network
    so i did add another P2 on both sides

    site B
    local network 192.168.0/24
    remote network

    and for site C

    local network
    remote network 192.168.0/24

    however after restarting the IPSEC i see the status is connected but only the initial P2 connects not the additional OPENVPN P2, and i cannot ping C from A

    i'd really appreciate if someone could shed some light as to why this is happening. i've read few threads on this forum that this should work, but i cant make it work.

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