Issue Setting up PIA OpenVPN

  • Hi.

    I've followed PIA's guide to setting up OpenVPN on my pfSense 2.3.4
    The VPN is up and connected, I've added the Outbound NAT rules, but no traffic seems to be routing via the VPN.
    Checking my IP on line I see my static IP Address and no the PIA address.

    I have 4 interfaces on my firewall, WAN, LAN, WIFI, NAS.
    I only want WIFI to route via PIA so in Outbound NAT I've only duplicated those addresses and set them to PIA all others have been left as is.

    My PC (LAN) and Phone (Wifi) are both showing my public IP online, how do I sort this..
    I feel I'm missing something, but I'm not sure what.

    No sure if it makes any difference, I have openVPN server running on my pfsense as my son connects to home using that.


  • I have this working, but I'm not sure how… :-[

    In NAT OutBound, I've add new rules for PIA OPEN VPN for WIFI only.
    In rules, LAN I've set the IPv4 default rule to use WAN_PPPOE

    Now my PC returns the correct static IP Address and my phone/table show the PIA IP Address.
    Is this the right way to do it ? it seems to be working, but I'd like to make sure this is correct..


  • Should this be OK ?

    I've got it set like this and it does seem to be working. 
    LAN devices show my static IP Address, WiFi devices show an IP Address in the USA.

    any issues configured like this ?

  • This is now working. Looks like it needed a reboot after I'd created the interface.
    Now to try and work out how to rotate the servers..

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