Inbound Port Rule above DNSBL

  • I'm having issues getting PFB to auto create a rule for an inbound custom port.  The rule won't auto generate. I'm needing it for verification/communication in Transmission software but the DNSBL I added in PFB is blocking the testing site.

    Here's my setup:

    Advanced Inbound Firewall Rule:

    Custom DST Port checked - alias set to Transmission_Port
    Custom DST checked - alias pointing to the server running the Transmission software

    The rule is never created thus I can't set PFB to allow the custom port first, then deny as usual.

    Any ideas why the rule isn't being auto created?

  • Settings for the inbound rule

  • 1 ) There is no list defined (do you have anything defined in IPv4 Custom List?)
    2)  Update frequency is set to Never.

    This doesn't create any table nor rule.

  • IPv4 custom list is empty.  Should I put the IP address of the server running transmission there?

    How often should the list frequency be set?  Does it matter if the list is static ^ ?


  • Adding the server address appears to only allow it from the local host.  I'm needing it worldwide as I'm not sure what IPs will be connecting.

    Again, thanks for the insights!

  • I believe I got it by adding my server's IP address and doing "Inverse" on the rule.

    Thanks for helping out this newb! :)

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