OpenVPN Net2Net Performance bad

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    sorry for doing a Crossposting - but on the german part of this board i dont get a answer so i try it here…

    First of all - i have a test System for testing Performance of FW and Openvpn systems.

    Server1: is within a Datacenter with dedicated 500mbit Connection to the Internet (Hypervisor fast hardware Firewall as Gues OS)
    Server2: is at a Dialup VDSL Line with 50/10mbit - also fast hardware also Hypervisor and Firewall as Guest OS

    The Goal is a NEt2NET Connection with VPN to connect 2 Subnets

    My First tests i did with IPFIRE and OpenVPN and first tests show me a down Rate about 25mbit/s and Up Rate about 8mbit/s.
    After doing some Research and set TUN MTU to 1500 + Forece MTU Discover i get 48mbit Downstream and 9,5 Upstream over VPN so nearly the MAX Bandwith of the Connection

    (all Meassured with iperf)

    But i dont like IPFIRE and want to use IPSENSE)

    But wit Ipsense i dont get more then 28mbit down and 8mbit up - even when i switch off Encryption .....

    I also dont find any way to adapt MTU Discovery or other Tewaks

    i Searcht on the Net for the last 3 Days for solutions - i did some test with the Advanced Options - but still have this bad Performance.

    Can anyone help me ?

    Best Regards

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